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If you have a communication need that isn't listed above, I likely do it. I can also do photo re-touching, slide and film scanning, and research and report writing. I'm also a qualified genealogist. If it has to do with communication, let's discuss it.

Why use a freelancer?

You need to communicate effectively with your employees, customers, and vendors. If you have employees who are great writers and who have the time to manage your communication, by all means use them. But if you don't have the skills in-house, or you need to additional writing help temporarily, you should use me.

As a freelance writer, I'm available when you need me, and I go away when you don't. You don't pay for my benefits, vacations, or sick days. You don't pay into my social security or 401K. I don't work through an agency so you don't have their markup on my services. You don't have to train me, except to explain the assignment. If you don't like my work, my attitude, or my face, you boot me out. (I work my butt off to make sure you like my work and working with me; I can't do much about the latter.)

How I work

We will agree on a process for completing your assignment based on the needs of the project and your preferences. Most often, I work out of my home office and we communicate through the Net or on the phone. If I must work on site, or spend some time at your facilities or other's, we can work out a schedule and define the costs. In my last three years with a full-time employer, I saw my manager exactly three times. I know how to work remotely.

After we agree on the scope of the project, the plan for completing it, and our financial arrangements, I do the work, review it with you as arranged, and deliver the final product in the form we agreed on. I'll use the design specifications or style guides necessary and will follow the review and quality assurance process we have included in the plan.


For well-defined, fairly short-term projects, I prefer to work on a fixed price basis: we agree on the scope of the work and a price for the finished product. With such projects, the price remains the same whether it takes me 40 hours or 40 days. If the project is not clearly defined or it involves on-going activity, we can agree on an hourly rate. I prefer to work on a fixed price basis so you know the price up front.

For web site development, I've defined a few packages based on the number of web pages, complexity, and work involved. Before we start discussing your needs, I'll send you a workbook I've developed to gather the information we need to define your goals, the content needed, and the work involved in creating the content.

What's a “Freelance Commercial Writer”?

The term “Freelance Commercial Writer”, FLCW for short, was coined by Peter Bowerman in his book, The Well-Fed Writer, to describe a freelance writer who focuses on commercial, rather than journalistic writing. This includes writing advertising copy, technical manuals, business letters, proposals, presentations, and any other business information that requires clear, concise communication.

Like most freelance commercial writers, I have a few magazine articles in the works, and a few unfinished novels in the bottom drawer, but my job is helping businesses and organizations communicate with their clients, employees, and associates.

What about website hosting?

When selecting a place for your web site, you want to be very selective. You need to make sure that your site is available virtually all the time, that the response time is good, and that you (or your webmaster) get excellent support. There are some website developers who provide hosting, often by reselling space from a larger ISP.

I don't do that. A good hosting company has lots of computing power and a considerable staff. I'd rather focus on what I do best, design and creation of effective websites and copywriting, and leave the hosting to the experts.

When I first got started in this business, I shopped around for a great hosting company. I tried several, and found a few that provided consistently excellent service. I also found a few who were dreadful. And, hosting companies can change: good ones can turn bad through management changes, being bought out, etc. I'm currently working with several different hosting companies that have different characteristics. I can help match you with the hosting package that is right for your business.

I have one client who is hosted by a good-sized local ISP. He pays almost three times as much for much less space and terrible technical support. Unfortunately, his contract prevents him from switching, so I've had to work around the problems and do without some of the tools and features I generally use.

I will work with any hosting company you have chosen, but if you are starting out new, or are looking for a change of hosting company, I will recommend one that meets your needs.